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About Yutong

Yutong is the world‘s largest bus manufacturers by sales volume of large and medium-sized buses and coaches.

It has ranked first globally for 7 consecutive years and first in China’s bus industry for 15 consecutive years.

Yutong also has a separate construction equipment manufacturing division and develops thousands of apartments across China each year.

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Key facts include:

  • The first bus maker worldwide whose annual production and sales volume exceeded 70,000 units.
  • In 2017, full year production was 67,268 units.
  • In 2017, the sales volume of new energy buses reached 24,865 units.
  • In 2017, it has a market share of over 30% in China and over 15% worldwide.
  • Yutong was founded in 1993 and has grown at a rate of almost 10% every year.
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Improving air quality in cities has been a priority in China far longer than in most other countries who are only now focusing on this issue.

For this reason Chinese manufacturers lead the world in the development of full electric zero emission vehicles.

Yutong are the largest Chinese and global manufacturer of new energy buses, vehicles that do not run only on diesel.

Over 90% of Yutong production in this area is full electric with some hybrid and gas buses.

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The Yutong factory is the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. Separate facilities cover conventional buses, new energy buses, special vehicles and parts distribution. The total floor area is over two million square meters. Maximum daily production capacity is now 430 units of which the daily capacity of new energy buses is 280 units.

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Yutong has the necessary production resources, technical capability and financial strength to provide you with quality vehicles and trusted aftermarket service. Its products are exported to over 130 countries and regions and it is committed to becoming a major force in the European market.

Global Aftermarket Support

Parts supply is not reliant on deliveries from the Zhengzhou factory in China. Yutong has established regional parts warehouses throughout the world to shorten the parts supply chain and to reinforce dealer stock levels. In Europe, the regional warehouse is located in France.

An on-line service portal is always available to customers as well as the provision of service technician training. Investment in global parts and service support is ongoing.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

All Yutong vehicles are developed in Yutong’s own state of the art technical centre, the most advanced facility of its kind in China’s bus industry. Every year 4% of the company’s turnover is re-invested in the research and development of new cutting-edge technology such as autonomous driving vehicles and advanced electric and battery technology.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Yutong’s electro coating process greatly improves the anti-corrosion properties of all its buses and coaches and extends the life of the vehicle. The electro coating line was designed and commissioned by the specialist German company Dürr.

It can fully immerse an 18m vehicle and is the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. This type of process is only viable for very large scale manufacturers.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Precision automatic welding with centralized gas supply is used instead of manual welding to guarantee consistency. The factory operates to international welding standard ISO3834.

Multi-function automatic painting robots achieve quick changes of paint color allowing any customer finish to be painted on line.

Yutong have four in house laboratories to quality test metals, non-metals, chemicals and electrical component to ensure quality standards are maintained.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Yutong has its own test track with banked curves, flood test and hill test that can simulate driving conditions anywhere in the world.

All Yutong vehicles are tested on this track prior to customer delivery. Yutong is fully accredited to the international ISO/TS 16949 standard.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Electric Vehicle Technology

The future of our planet demands that we take action now to reduce the emissions from a number of sources. The movement of people contributes to the issue, but the bus plays an important part in the solution, moving people safely, efficiently and inclusively.

This environmental pressure for cleaner, quieter urban environments can only be achieved in the short to medium term by electric bus operation. The benefits of electric buses are well known: zero vehicle emissions, silent operation, and an excellent customer experience with greatly reduced running costs.

Yutong built its first electric vehicle in 1999 and now offers operators the most widely proven electric bus design currently in existence. This is delivered in one complete package designed, manufactured and supported by one manufacturer, Yutong.

The M280 CV4 – H electric drive motor is at the heart of all our single deck electric range. This single motor layout allows the drive motor to be mounted in the chassis itself offering far superior protection from rain water, salted road surfaces, corrosion and suspension movements when compared to the alternative of synchronised hub mounted motors. The motor has a dedicated water cooling system ensuring there is no risk of overheating even during prolonged uphill running.

Another benefit of the single motor layout is that a simple conventional chassis layout is retained making chassis maintenance no more complex than on existing diesel vehicles.

Electric Bus

Yutong use a modular design of up to twelve battery packs. The individual cells are fitted into standard sized sealed packs. This layout improves safety and means they can easily be changed in the future either for maintenance or if different battery technology becomes available mid-way through the vehicle life.

The Battery management system is unique to Yutong and constantly monitors temperature, voltage, current and capacity in the batteries. Full remote telematics come as standard on every electric bus showing all aspects of consumption, performance and charging.

The entire system is rigorously tested. The batteries and motor are tested under water to ensure they are IP67 rated. The completed vehicle is designed to operate in extreme cold and hot climates and is able to wade through standing water up to 600mm in depth.